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  Alf International Group, trading company - Russia,

  Alf International Group, the trading company, - Hermetics / Glues, particleboard / DVP / Plywood, Furniture accessories,

  (3489 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  Aurora, cafe club - Russia,

  Aurora, cafe club, - Night clubs, Cafe, Bars,

  (639 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  Pineapple, the entertaining center - Russia,

  Pineapple, the entertaining center, - Baths / Saunas, Billiard halls, Cafe, Bars, Night clubs,

  (709 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  Avtokolor, car-care center - Russia,

  Avtokolor, car-care center, - Body repair, AKPP Repair, Repair of petrol engines, Repair of diesel engines, Hardware replacement of oil,

  (387 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

  Gazpromneft filling station - Russia,

  Gazpromneft filling station, - Filling stations (filling stations),

  (410 Hits since0-0-01.11.2011)

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